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Improve go-to-market efficiency and productivity with buyer intent and insights.

B2B Manufacturing

Reach & Engage Buyers with Ease

Over 70% of the manufacturing buying process is done anonymously as prospects browse your websites, research your competition and read third-party reviews, all before ever raising their hand.

The challenge for manufacturers is figuring out which companies are ready to buy, and how to best engage them.

6sense captures intent signals and and boosts performance by arming you with the data needed to make better revenue decisions. It may sound like magic, but it’s just smarter sales and marketing for manufacturers.

Trusted by leading manufacturing firms

Identify every company worth engaging

Grow your customer accounts

Consistently grow opportunities & revenue

FARO Technologies Leverages 6sense to Lift Engagement by 5.32x

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in demand conversion
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sales velocity
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Popular Technology Integrations ​

Connect your tech stack with 6sense to aggregate insights and arm your teams with more ways to win. Manage your revtech integrations, using the precise mix of apps and tools that best serve your business, and fully power your ABM vision. ​

“There’s so much engagement that happens on the website, and since people don’t fill out forms, we don’t know who they are. And if we don’t know who they are, we don’t have the ability to target them when that engagement happens. Using 6sense to uncover this data is big.”

Joe Rapolla

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, NanaWall

“6sense is an essential part of my revenue technology stack. 6sense has lifted the curtain for me in regard to dark data across multiple orgs. Between the integrations, available data, and up-leveling of aligned sales/marketing tactics, it is a part of my Revenue Technology stack that I cannot do without.”

Gartner Peer Review

Director of Revenue Marketing, $10B in Revenue Manufacturing Company

6sense Revenue AI drives value across your entire business:


Orchestrate branded experiences for target audiences across every channel to create engagement and ensure brand consistency.

Marketing Operations

Connect, clean, and structure data from various sources to deliver a single source of truth for your entire revenue team.

Sales & Customer Success

Engage your customers the right way with the right messaging by identifying accounts that are in-market for your products.

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.