Use laser-like precision to target the accounts most likely to convert.

It’s X-Ray Vision for Prospecting

When working hundreds of accounts, knowing which ones to prioritize is critical for success.

Generate Higher Quality Pipeline with Less Effort

Access to rich account insights, right inside the CRM and the tools you use every day.

Spend less time doing company and contact research and more time prospecting into actively interested accounts, building high-quality pipeline to hit your quota.

Key Features for Sellers:

Proactive Prospecting

Prospect more effectively by focusing outbound strategies on engaging accounts at the right time, and arm your BDRs with relevant insights and talking points.

Opportunity Prioritization

Prioritize late-stage accounts for follow up and easily tag high-value accounts for personalized executive outreach. 

Engage with Precision

Accurately predict an account’s buying stage, map its buying committee, and target them with precision.

AI-Powered Personalization

Efficiently create AI-powered, personalized nurtures and cadences that get noticed and deliver results at scale with Conversational Email.

Sharpen Your Focus on the Right Buyers

Eliminate prospecting guesswork and unlock valuable insights into your buyers and their needs.

Using our rich AI-driven insights and recommendations, 6sense Sales Intelligence provides a roadmap for sellers to plan their day, ensuring they focus on the accounts most likely to convert. When it’s time to reach out, they’ll know exactly what to say.

Focus on in-market accounts

Spend time on warmed accounts most likely to convert, and ditch cold calls.

Speak the buyer's language

Know buyers’ pain points and interests to value and build trust with every touchpoint.

Multithread the buying team

Setup automated contact acquisitions to fill in the gaps for key buying personas.

Build a Better BDR Team

Managing a BDR team can be tough, especially where there is no alignment between sales and marketing.

Business development leaders are often on the hook to prioritize effectively, and onboard BDRs quickly to hit quotas, while staying on the same page as marketing and account executives.

6sense provides the visibility and data sales leaders need to drive results, directly within the tools they already work in.

Retain top talent

Onboard BDRs quickly with rich insights to prioritize activity and hit quotas.

Ensure alignment & coverage

Dive into target account coverage, and surface high-intent accounts to outreach to.

Build BDR confidence

6sense Sales Intelligence provides solid data for reps to rely on, and provides recommendations to improve account engagement.

“Within three weeks of turning on 6sense a sales rep… booked a meeting with a very large beverage company. He found out they were about to launch a bid process. We were able to get invited into the process, and were able to win some business”

Chris Kein

Head of National Business Development, KBX Logistics

“6sense has helped me shape my talk track around being more consultative and offering to help provide resources to help their team. This has led to more productive phone calls, getting information about their current system or a referral.”

Annie Wagner

Business Development Representative, Zendesk

“Millions of dollars in sales have come just solely on net new opportunities that have been uncovered by 6sense.”

Bob Dudzinski

Vice President of Corporate Development, Custom Truck One Source

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